小 鼠标滚动 图标

此页面显示的是Icons8图标包中鼠标滚动 图标的不同变化。随意调整图标大小和重新着色,然后免费下载PNG格式的图标。有PNG和矢量格式。
This is a picture of an oval with a line splitting it in half horizontally. On the upper side of it is a double sided arrow pointing up and down. The bottom part is blank.

相关鼠标滚动 图标

相关图标是有匹配标签的图标,以及所有 计算机硬件图标。所有图标都是同样的扁平化风格。您可以下载免费PNG图标或购买 SVG 矢量图标

鼠标滚动 理念的图标 由 S.Kuske

我们收到的想法 September 02, 2013 创造图标在 September 16, 2013

An icon visualizing a left mouse click and a right mouse click Sample:
Mouse Scrolling icon idea

Merci, Thank you, Danke, спасибо !
Please also add: - mouse scrollwheel click/motion icon and - mouse no-click icon (regular mouse icon) Thanks, Eveline.